A blocked nose – pathogenesis and pathophysiology

This article was originally published by Homeopathy4you (http://hpathy.com/clinical-cases/follow-your-nose-a-lesson-in-pathogenesis-and-pathophysiology/) Pathogenesis, pathophysiology and symptomatology A clear understanding of pathogenesis, pathophysiology and symptomatology goes a long way in understanding and solving a case. Pathogenesis is a chain of biological mechanisms that leads to the … Continue reading

Randomized Controlled Trials: The Golden Calf?

Practitioners of the Homeopathic Art of Healing are cautioned to stay clear from hypotheses concerning life sciences.((Hahnemann S: Footnote to the 1st Aphorism – Organon of Medical Art, 6e, Ed. O’Reilly WB, Birdcage, 1996)) Indeed, our understanding of life, health and disease … Continue reading