A blocked nose – pathogenesis and pathophysiology

This article was originally published by Homeopathy4you (http://hpathy.com/clinical-cases/follow-your-nose-a-lesson-in-pathogenesis-and-pathophysiology/) Pathogenesis, pathophysiology and symptomatology A clear understanding of pathogenesis, pathophysiology and symptomatology goes a long way in understanding and solving a case. Pathogenesis is a chain of biological mechanisms that leads to the … Continue reading

Cough and the common cold

Cold and cough are the two most common issues faced by those treating children. It is more common in preschool children than in older children(( Morrell DC. Symptom interpretation in general practice. Journal of the Royal College of General Practice 1972; 22(118):297–309)). Acute … Continue reading

Randomized Controlled Trials: The Golden Calf?

Practitioners of the Homeopathic Art of Healing are cautioned to stay clear from hypotheses concerning life sciences.((Hahnemann S: Footnote to the 1st Aphorism – Organon of Medical Art, 6e, Ed. O’Reilly WB, Birdcage, 1996)) Indeed, our understanding of life, health and disease … Continue reading