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Dr. Ashok RajGuru is an Instructor at The British Institute of Homeopathy International (USA), a leading international school for online homeopathic education and training.

Homeopathic education

Ashok RajGuru

Dr. Ashok RajGuru, PhD, DHM, FBIH, DIHom, BFRP

Ashok was tutored during his postgraduate studies by Dr. Trevor Cook PhD, Founder of the British Institute of Homeopathy. He completed his clinical studies under Dr. SK Banerjea BHMS in Kolkata, Dr. Dinesh Chauhan BHMS in Mumbai, and Padma Shri awardee, Dr. Rajesh Kotecha BAMS in Jaipur. He has also completed a postgraduate course in Advanced Case Management under the renowned writer, educator and practitioner Dr. Luc De Schepper MD. Ashok has further completed more than 150 hours of continuing education credits with Dr. Will Taylor MD. Additionally, he has attended the 100-hour online course in the Sensation Method with Dr. Rajan Sankaran and has trained under Grant Bentley in the technique of Homeopathic Facial Analysis.

Bach Flower Therapy

During the course of his Homeopathic practice, Ashok was greatly influenced by the work of Dr. Edward Bach, the British doctor, researcher and bacteriologist who introduced the Bowel Nosodes to the world of Homeopathy. Dr. Bach’s greatest contribution to the Art of Healing were the Bach Flower Remedies. Ashok is listed on the International Register of Practitioners at The Bach Centre, UK and incorporates the use of these remedies in his practice.

Holistic Integration

Ashok RajGuru’s journey in the path of healing has been one of holistic integration. He began with a study of contemporary and classical Masters in Yoga and Ayurveda. In order to gain an experiential insight into the teachings, he attended two 10-day Vipassana meditation courses in India and the UK. Further, he qualified as a Teacher of Yoga in the Sivananda Tradition and learnt advanced pranayama techniques in the Himalayas. Also, he has completed the Silva Life Systems and Silva Intuition Training under the mentorship of Frank Golly in Decatur, GA, USA.

He has completed 500 study-hours under the renowned Vedic scholar and Padma Bhushan awardee, Dr. David Frawley OMD studying the principles of Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology. Later he was tutored for another 500 study-hours by Michael Reid Kreuzer D.Ayur, (formerly a.k.a. Monk Losang Jinpa), a senior protege of Dr. Vasant Lad, BAMS, MASc. It is noteworthy that Ashok’s technical paper was accepted for presentation at the Annual Conference of National Ayurvedic Medical Association in 2005, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Ashok RajGuru holds/ has held the following certifications/ qualifications:

  1. Ph.D: Doctor of Philosophy (Holistic Health Counselling), Almeda University, USA. This is not a medical degree.
  2. MARH: Member, Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (UK), Registration number 577.
  3. BFRP: Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner, The Dr. Edward Bach Foundation, UK (Practitioner Number UKP-2014-0910G).
  4. FBIH: Fellow of The British Institute of Homeopathy, USA.
  5. DHM: Postgraduate Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine, The British Institute of Homeopathy.
  6. DIHom (Pract.): Practitioner Diploma in Homeopathy, The British Institute of Homeopathy.
  7. Samuel Hahnemann Prize, for outstanding scholarship, The British Institute of Homeopathy.
  8. Yoga Siromani: Teacher of Yoga, Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram, Kerala, India.
  9. Yoga Bhaskara: Sadhana Intensive, Sivananda Kutir, Netala, The Himalayas, India.

And importantly:

Ashok RajGuru is not a licensed/ registered physician or a medical doctor in India. Therefore, he does not sell, prescribe or dispense any allopathic medicines or preparations. He does not diagnose any disease and, neither offers nor claims to “cure” any named disease. While seeking his guidance, you must agree to review any symptoms of medical concern with your doctor/ physician and understand that at no time will you be asked to discontinue any prescribed medication or ignore, or contravene any medical advice from your doctors and primary health care providers.