Homeopathy & Bach Flower Therapy:  Consultations, Courses & Education Support

Ashok RajGuru DIHom(Pract), DHM, FBIH

Dr. Ashok RajGuru, PhD, DHM, DIHom(Pract), BFRP, FBIH. Founder, HomeoTutor’s Academy


Hello and Welcome to HomeoTutor’s Academy – home to Homeopathy and Bach Flower Therapy Courses. This is a Virtual Learning Environment for Students of Homeopathy and related Healing Arts.

I am  Dr. Ashok RajGuru, PhDI am the Founder of the HomeoTutor’s Academy. Additionally, I also offer homeopathic consultations,and academic services like editorial assistance, and help in writing your dissertation.

Almost every practitioner, fresh graduate, clinical intern, or advanced level student will benefit. To sample a typical course, all you need to do is to click on the Academy tab above!

Succeed in Homeopathy

This course teaches how to effectively analyze, synthesize, and manage every case using the fundamental principles of Homeopathy. Most of all, I believe we should not complicate homeopathy!

Succeed in Homeopathy – Season 1 has five episodes. The plot of each episode revolves around one case. The case will be from my own practice, or one published by another successful practitioner. I’ll also show you how to crack the code even in cases where only New Methods seemed to be the answer! You will find the keys to success here.

Bach Flower Therapy Course

How often have you felt the necessity of a support therapy where Homeopathic analysis seems a bit confusing? It seems like you need to learn to use the mental states and emotional expressions to find a support remedy from the repertoire of Bach Flower Remedies. Most noteworthy is the fact that the method is simple and helps in both acute and chronic illnesses. As a result of the efficacy of this system Dr. Bach completely gave up his regular allopathic practice and relied solely on these remedies to treat his patients. Join the course now!

So, you don’t have to wait. Click on the Academy tab above.

Education support: Dissertation writing

It is a common misconception that writing a thesis is a solitary venture! Good research is often lost because of poor presentation. Your thesis must read like a story! I will guide the busy researcher to  sculpt a thesis that will capture the examiner’s imagination. Most PhD students end up stressed, overwhelmed, and depressed – they almost give up. As a result more than a quarter students never complete their program. Failure to graduate has a high financial and emotional cost, therefore, do not delay or hesitate, contact me by clicking here!